DiRT 3: Absolutely Filthy! (Hooked Gamers)

Like many other fans my relationship with the DiRT franchise is one of passion but disappointment, love but disgust. While the first DiRT title was a superb homage to rally racing – and off-road racing in general – the second installment in the series was a misguided attempt to appease the disinterested majority instead of the faithful minority. Even though the driving physics were greatly improved for the sequel, the game’s overall focus left a lot of us shooting disgusted glares towards the Codemasters headquarters in England. Thus it is impossible, as it should be with any sequel, to avoid comparing DiRT 3 to its predecessors.

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earbus2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Not much of fan of the gymkahna events and no in game brightness adjustment are my only problems with it, ditch ken block.

bozebo2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

There's a few problems:
You don't get to see an overview of the course when tweaking your car, so you have to know the track first to be able to make the correct decision. Considering it is nearly a sim, that is a big mistake.

The things you have to touch in the gymkahna levels get stuck infront of the car and you can't see where you are going >_<, so you are forced to change the camera angle.

Otherwise, fantastic game :P

Also the graphics are great on consoles and little short of perfect on a DX11 PC with 3 monitors :O

The field of view of the camera is a bit low on the console version, most people are too dumb to notice that though.

archemides5182674d ago

the tracks are way too short (compared to dirt 2 and virtually every other racing game)

since they cut the track lengths in half, the review scores should be cut in half

Dynasty20212674d ago

I think they add the tracks where they split together in Multiplayer.

I remember that being the case in Dirt 2 where they had one huge track which was a combination of rally tracks from the singleplayer from that location, making one long track which you raced on from start to finish, so you had to know each section of the track if you wanted a chance to win.