Avadon: The Black Fortress - Makes Baldur's Gate Look Basic (Hooked Gamers)

To call Avadon: The Black Fortress an old school RPG isn’t doing it justice. While there are certainly parts of the game that pay homage to those who have trodden before it, the world as a whole is hostile, strange, and absolutely unique. At no part during the entire story did I feel like I was playing something that had been rehashed in a different game, everything inside was new and interesting. Each part of the world had a different culture, and its denizens showed it.

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mobijoker2674d ago

I see,Rpg makers have gone berserk this year.

midgard2272674d ago

WTF is that crap. the game looks horrible. makes balders gate look basic? lmao, this game looks like it was made in 1991. ouch it looks bad. may be good but man, i normally dont mind visuals but that just hurts.

well im sure someone out there will enjoy it

Tony P2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

And like that, a game gets passed up just because of it's visuals.

Never mind anything else it might have going for it like gameplay or story.

Is this what the so-called "greatest" gaming generation has to offer?

ChrisPriestman2674d ago

If you are judging the game by visuals, you really don't deserve to play it. Not being horrible or anything, but being so shallow and limiting the games you play by how they look is something I have a problem with.

Each to their own of course. I suppose that "horrible" visuals provides a good filter that only allows those who will find worth playing the game through.

I suppose Mount & Blade is the biggest pile of crap out as well, right?