PLAY This – Xperia Play Launch Titles Reviewed

The time is upon us in the United States. The Xperia Play has officially launched at Verizon Wireless stores across the country, after being available for pre-order last week online. While the phone may have disappointed some with its hardware specifications, there are still plenty of people who see this smartphone as a unique gaming-centric device. Curious how the launch games perform on this phone?

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ftwrthtx2674d ago

I'm hoping the Xperia won't be the only ps certified phone

knifefight2674d ago

Yeah I kinda hope a better one comes along in a couple years with Sony Ericsson using the experience from this to raise the bar a bit.

T3mpr1x2674d ago

They have announced two tablets, though not any new phones - Sony Ericsson probably wants to pimp this one out for a while.

ftwrthtx2674d ago

I really have no use for a tablet.

T3mpr1x2674d ago

I'll admit, tablets are a bit of a useless device. Entertaining and all, as I have two, but I couldn't tell ya what exactly I do with them besides surf the web or check out apps haha.

StbI9902673d ago

Read, like mangas? books?, movies? like series? anime?, I think tablet in these basis are pretty much useful aside for that u can do that as well on pc or in a smartphone just no as confortable which is the point in the overall opinion about tablet I presume ;).

Btw I actually do like watching a youtube video with some companion on the college with an ipad, enjoyable :)