The Best Gaming Simulation Gear You Can’t Afford

RipTen’s resident sim-thusiast Murray Hibble forays into the deeply disturbing world of high-end simulation gear and asks… just how much are you willing to pay for gaming immersion?

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jaredhart2672d ago

OOOOOOOH YEEEAAAH! No Gear too expensive for the Macho Man!

CrzyFooL2672d ago

God damn that's some expensive stuff.

Kon2672d ago

Im happy with just using my Xbox pad on the PC lol. No way i could afford this just to play a game or two.

TXIDarkAvenger2672d ago

People can buy this but no one really wants to go out and pay that much.

yamzilla2672d ago

i can afford it, i just have standards...

Those contraptions would make you look like a completely insane hillybilly who broke into an amusment park and went on a looting spree.

One of my PC's is connected to a 50" Plasma mounted over my fireplace, you cannot even see where the pc is, no wires showing, moved the power, so all is up to looks classy

In my gameroom upstairs the way eveything is positioned, unless you knew where to look, you would not see the other beast ass gaming pc, the ps3, the 360, all hidden, no wires, classy

Those things look like they belong in chucky cheese, i hate chucky cheese and annoying ass kids, pass!

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