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The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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Bigpappy2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

If the numbers are to be believed, L.A.Noire sold much better than expected compared to the PS3 version. I thought multi-console owners would go for the PS3 version on 1 disk and with the extra case.

My guess is that they went with the safe bet, base on the history of Rockstar's engine on the 2 consoles.

@aceitman: A lot of people in the US have both. Look at sales of MK in the US (because 360 has the bigger install base, does not neccesarily mean the game will sell better on that console).

aceitman2675d ago

not really it sold more in the usa on 360 than anywhere else which has alot more consoles sold there than worldwide .

longcat2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

The overheating allegations may have cooled demand...heh heh

Also, Ps3 launch calendar is pretty crowded with the 1st party releases - i chose to go for infamous2

Seijoru2675d ago

100k more? How is that so amazing. This is VGchartz for one thing AND most of the audience for LA Noire are in the US where the 360 is favored.

Aloren2675d ago

@Bigpappy :

"A lot of people in the US have both. Look at sales of MK in the US (because 360 has the bigger install base, does not neccesarily mean the game will sell better on that console)."

Fighting games constantly sell better on PS3, but LA Noire is not a fighting game. Most open world / Action / adventure games usually sell the same way on both consoles, meaning they usually sell a little more on 360 since there are more 360s...

MasterCornholio2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Now that you made me think about it. Because of the RROD and YLOD issues how many PS3s and 360s are really out there?

If the RROD was as bad as people said then there might be more active PS3s on the Market than 360s. I said might because the last time we saw numbers they were extremely close. Theres really no proof of my theory anywhere just numbers on what they sold to retailers.

Kon2675d ago

Damn... LA Noire sold more on the 360 than on the PS3. And i remember people saying that 360 owners only played shooters.

kikizoo2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

They have less great games to play, so multiplatform sell well (equal to ps3)...easy to understand (no killzone, lb2, etc and infamous2 soon).

by the way, it's vgchartz... it's really funny to see desperated xfanboyz happy for a ridiculous differences on ESTIMATION sales, for a better game on ps3 (which have more exlcusives, and better ones)

MasterCornholio2675d ago

I am not surpirsed. Most of LA Noires fanbase is in the states and we all know that there are a lot more 360s then PS3s there. Americans are not going to buy a PS3 to play a slightly better version of the game. I am pretty sure that everywhere else its selling better on the PS3 well except maybe the UK.

Nitrowolf22675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

still 100K difference isn't that bad considering the amount of 360 there are compared to PS3 in the USA.

LA NOIR did great though, far more then what i actually expected for the type of game it is. Glad to see a New IP do so well

led10902675d ago

hmm good sales for the witcher 2. Especially considering they don't include digital sales

ufo8mycat2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Not surprised L Noire (360) version outsold PS3 version. Even in Europe, where there are more PS3s, the difference was only less then 100k.

I think people underestimate 'controller preference' in a lot of peoples decision.

Even though I got the PS3 version, I know 8 people alone who got the 360 version simply because of the 360 controller.

I myself would normally have purchased the 360 version for this same reason, but extra DLC slightly nudged me towards the PS3 version.

Like I said I know 8 people alone, who chose 360 version of LA Noire simply because of the 360 controller

Look at fighting game sales in the US. PS3 version,, is extremely close, if not sometimes a little bit more then the 360 version. This is because of the 360 flawed DPAD, therefore a lot more people go for the PS3 version.

I think people look past the 'controller preference' as a deciding factor for a lot of people and I think that played a part in why 360 sales were so close to PS3 sales in Europe for LA Noire.

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