Early Estimates Put Modern Warfare 3 Sales Ahead of Battlefield 3

Electronic Arts may be talking a good game when it comes to taking on the Call of Duty franchise this fall, but analysts believe that’s about all they’ll do. EA has plans to sink an unprecedented amount of advertising into the Battlefield 3 between now and this fall when the game is scheduled to release, in the hopes that gamers will “see the light” when it comes to their military shooter

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Organization XII2675d ago

JEEZUZ!! For real? Didn't see this coming - omg

GamerSciz2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Sarcasm for the win. In the end we all know the Frostbite 2.0 engine has the potential to create a much more immerse experience compared to COD's 3 year old engine.

@below, it is older then 3 years but engines can be updated without completely being rebuilt. I am not in any way defending the engine though, it's crap..

Oldsnake0072674d ago

dude Engine is not everything ok.

we all know how shitty the SP of BC and BC2 is.

chidori6662674d ago

quality of game>>>sales.

nuff said.

SicK_Scope2674d ago

Why dose everybody always rip the engines I just think all the battle field fan boys know that they cant win and call of duty will always be better.

AEtherbane2674d ago

I mean, COD has huge name recognition compared to Battlefield, plus it has gotten media attention in the past. That alone will contribute to a ton of sales.

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Dart892675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Come on we all know it's like this every year cod blah blah blah but this year BF3 is getting my money i juSt love the idea of taking a jet or heli and slamming it into a damn camper or building full of them suicide for the win :D.

marioPSUC2675d ago

Im pretty sure it will get more sales than COD, doesnt mean it the better game, just has a lot more people that buy the game, mainly cause its COD

Uncharted3Goty2675d ago

Music to my ears it looks like BF3 has the upper hand but i wonder how long these will last can it keep going post Modern warfare 3 ?

ZBlacktt2674d ago

Just like BF2 to MW2, there is no way on earth COD can compare. I mean just look at each....

ZBlacktt2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Disagree COD fanboy... watch this and cry more. Like I said, no way on earth can the basic FPS COD compare.

Best looking, best playing, best sounding war game period.

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The story is too old to be commented.