Notch Brings Even More Attention to Terraria

Could young developers get any more lucky? The first time Notch posted, he caused a storm of traffic that invaded the page of the still in-development title.

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agentxk2487d ago

It's an entertaining game, it deserves the attention

Takoulya2486d ago

I agree, it's a great game. It has more value than most $60 games for $10. I bought both Minecraft and Terraria, and I love them both. Indie games have been getting better and better recently.

blitz0x2486d ago

It may not have the longevity people want, but it was only in development for like 5 months. Hopefully over time things will get even better.

agentxk2486d ago

Well, indie games offer more to the community in terms of mods and add-ons as well.

Takoulya2486d ago

One thing that I don't like about Terraria is the lack of mod support. Devs confirmed that they're not planning to release the code to the public.