GamesEyeView: Our L.A. Noire 2 Wishlist

GEV says: So, L.A. Noire is out, and it’s no secret that we at Gameseyeview loved it! LA Noire was a very new and unique idea, giving players the chance to engage in very new styles of gameplay. It was a fresh idea, with great gameplay elements, and amazing new technology to draw players into the world. Fresh graphics are nice, but the new animation style really allowed gamers to identify, and understand the characters. It truly is a great game, that’s not to say however that it doesn’t have a list of things we’d like to see in the very probable sequel. Some general suggestions, and some major pet peeves, without further ado, here’s our list of ideas for L.A. Noire 2.

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Focker4202677d ago

My biggest hope is that they move into a new decade... the 50's were kinda bland so jump to the 60's. Then LA Noire 3 could be set in the 70's, then 80's, so on and so forth.

cptgame4462677d ago

Yeah, the 60s would be interesting. Could also allow the game to pursue some really creative and crazy cases.

AtomicGerbil2677d ago

I can't be thinking about LA Noire 2 yet, won't be picking up the first one till Tuesday.

zackacloud2677d ago

70's wow

but that will cause a new world = another long time develop game = loooong waiting.

quietlygamingaway2677d ago

the option to rampage and just get killed and pursued by law

an actual world that is more then a set prop

im just kinda bummed about LA Noire

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The story is too old to be commented.