Activision Teases 'Insane' MW3 Moments

NowGamer: Infinity Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling has promised some "insane moments" throughout the Modern Warfare campaign, following a sneak peek at two levels in London.

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Organization XII2677d ago

The beginning of ever lasting BS Hype!

Rejoice - Kids!

UnbiasedGamer2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Campaign is going to be a spectacle to behold with insane set pieces trademark of COD Campaigns. Looking forward to it. WW3 is going to be immense.

UnbiasedGamer2677d ago

Haters - First in line after begging their mums to buy the game, with a huge erection, because all there friends are talking about it. MW3 action looks great and that what it is about with a great multiplayer aswell.

Jack-H2677d ago

The fact that you even go there man....C'mon you aren't helping the cause. This is kind of why haters hate on COD players. Just fyi. No disrespect.

spunnups2677d ago

HYPE HYPE HYPE. Don't buy it kids, like candy from strangers.

AEtherbane2677d ago

Maybe their referring to insane disappointment...

PrimordialSoupBase2677d ago

You actually have any expectations of this thing?

Raven_Nomad2677d ago

Cant wait! I loved the campaigns in MW1 and MW2, this one is looking to be just as epic.

I personally hope it sells 30 million copies this time around, just because it'd be funny to see and hear all the complaining done on this site....

spunnups2677d ago

The same game engine has been used since MW1. This makes what, 5 games without any improvements?

Congratulations, you have supported stagnation. Thanks to the blind supporters and success of the CoD franchise, countless developers have made generic FPS after FPS.

I wish someone would make a list. I bet the FPS genre outnumbers every other genre out there by itself.

Raven_Nomad2677d ago

What games do you support? and of those, which have used a totally new engine? The reason we are getting so many games now is because making a new engine for every game is not needed.

Update the engine and put some new components into it and there you go.

I play COD because it gives me the type of online multiplayer I enjoy, no vehicles, no spamming artillery, smaller combat arena's and encounters and a solid offline mode. COD has made staples of these things.

Now I agree people try to copy COD, but they all pretty much fail at it, Homefront did a good job though, I enjoyed that game.

If you don't support it then don't buy it, however millions of people enjoy it and will continue to support it.

Also as for the "No improvements" in COD games, there have been improvements in every single one. I cant even go back and Play the first MW anymore because it looks so bad, it is technically the best one but I cant play it. MW2 improved on so much, from host migration to perks to guns to overall graphics, I expect the same changes with the newest COD game.

AEtherbane2677d ago

Im going to personally buy 30 million copies and burn them all. Therefore i will inflate the value of the game and force the price of the game to rise. then NOBODY will buy it.
Problem Activision?

UnbiasedGamer2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Yeah ignore the troll losers they are just butt hurt, Survival Mode is confirmed for MW3 I just read. Going to be big and great, and offline does look like a real cracker in store.

If they don't care so much i find it funny how they come into every MW3 article to express the views...somthing very fishy here I think they are just personally hurt..there games are not that popular maybe lol

obviously they are still going to buy it haha

AtomicGerbil2677d ago

Butt hurt about what? Is this the maturity of N4G that everyone has to be dubbed butt hurt or a troll.

The reason why lovers and haters are commenting here is because they have every right to, and if you hadn't noticed MW3 has been splashed all over N4G.

BTW, try living up to your username.

Inside_out2677d ago

Can't wait myself. CoD at Xmas has become part of the holiday tradition around here. Still waiting for some confirmed Battlefield console game play but this holiday is jam packed this year with some of the best game franchises ever...Bring on E3.

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BeastlyRig2677d ago

Hype ever year let down twice! I'll be pirating this since I can't get my black ops money back.

Catatafish2677d ago

That was my plan to lol. I tried to get a trade in on some cheap indie games or store credit through the Steam support but they ended up saying that to many people where trying it and they had stopped doing it.

I read an article on this site that gave me the idea to try it.

BeastlyRig2677d ago

Yeah I'll pirate mw3 & I already payed for bf3 cuz they haven't let me down yet!!

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