IGN: Kung Fu Panda 2 Video Game Review - PS3

It's a widely known fact in the gaming world that games based on movies are usually sub-par because the development teams don't have enough time to make them good. The pressures of releasing at the same time as the film mean these games go out the door without polish or fully developed designs. It's readily apparent that this was the case with the PS3 version of Kung Fu Panda 2 after just minutes of gameplay. I can't believe the developers would have released such a bad game under any other circumstances.

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Bigpappy2464d ago

A casual, kids game with no move support. Whats wrong with this picture?

LOGICWINS2464d ago

Shame. Cause the movie looks great.

2464d ago
captain-obvious2464d ago

"Whats wrong with this picture?"

whats wrong is you being an xbox fanboys over this shitty game

dude its just sad seeing you doing this

TardcoreGamer2464d ago

WOW! lowest game rating of recent memory..

Takoulya2464d ago

Right down there with Final Fantasy XIV Online, lol.

Falaut2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

The Xbox version is so much better because of Kinect...right Bigpappy?...right IGN? right

edit:the end of the xbox ver review is the best, spinning at its best.

Kon2464d ago

The xbox version was the best because it has optional kinect support, but the PS3 version don't have move support. Im sure if the PS3 version had Move support both versions would score the same.

Falaut2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

...and there's Kon! sh*t son. If Zir pops in, its gonna be a parteeeeee!

bwazy2464d ago

Lol reviews on the run gave the ps3 version a 0.0/10 and the xbox version a 0.5-1.0/10.

Game is seriously a disgrace.

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