Kinect Facial Recognition and Transfer

Now that we’ve seen the ability of the Kinect to detect facial expressions, can the data be related to other images and the control these digital faces? The answer is yes and through the Kinect Facial Recongition and Transfer, the depth camera device becomes more intricate. Through facial tracking and recognition, the Kinect becomes a viable tool for developers, artists and producers to have virtual avatars cleanly respond even to the user’s facial expressions

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Dark3602554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


gamingdroid2554d ago

Imagine your face in Mass Effect 3 with the rigid reconstruction!

manumit2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

wow that was pretty rad, when you do a video Kinect it would be awesome if you could choose character from movies or even you avatar would be very nice.

Bigpappy2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

That is actually a great idea. Add some light voice effects, and I can see myself having some major fun with it.

Come to think of it Kinect adventrure played around with this a bit. But just a tiny bit.

Falaut2554d ago

yeah I know, kinect FTW!!!!

manumit2554d ago

Haha yeah that's right, the Hamster was the funniest, i remember doing like 5 records on that hamster. Haha...aahhh small minds.

subtenko2554d ago

*In portal glados voice*

"Kinect senses you arent happy. why arent you happy? Is it because we lack games? Be happy now or system will be set to self destruct. can do better than that, now go to the xboxbox live market place and by this it now.......alright..10....9...8 .."

SRTold2554d ago

This could possibly be pretty neat. Imagine if it sent back data that read your face during every game you played. The creators could actually feed back on what made you smile, laugh, frown, look bored, fall asleep, etc... They would have the ability not just to tell if you like a game or not, but which parts of that game you liked and didn't like.