GamerGaia Day 1 at MCM: Cosplayers, Games Galore and Booth-Destroying Antics

How often do you walk through a bustling city and see two blokes dressed as Mario and Luigi, complete with giant foam heads, wandering through the streets? There's some strange sights to be seen in London, but you don't often see this occurring. That all changes though when the London MCM Expo comes to town - the streets are simply swarming with anime characters, people dressed like Sephiroth and - the best part - no one as much as bats an eye lid. All these characters are descending upon the London MCM Expo, an event myself and fellow GG writer Tom Ragan were lucky to also get to visit. Unfortunately we didn't have time to dress up as gaming characters, but we got a few snaps of them for good measure instead.

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jmobley2678d ago

wish I could go, would be fun