What adults want from games

GamesRadar - We’re all adults here, right? What? We’re not? Well the gamerlings amongst us will one day grow up to be adult gamers, and one day you snot-nosed brats will understand the pain of us geezers, so this will serve as a manifesto for all gamers everywhere, since we all eventually join the creak-kneed club, and dammit if we aren’t cranky as hell about the immaturity still festering in our favorite artistic/entertainment medium.

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UnbiasedGamer2677d ago

Heavy Rains sex scene was cringe worthy. But worse had to watch multiple times because of the trophies...

danielle0072677d ago

I never allowed them to have sex. I just could not do it at all. I was like "Why is this whore getting all up on mee when my small child is currently abducted by a serial killer??"

UnbiasedGamer2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

exactly first time i didn't either was thinking get out you plastic mannequin but had to the next time because to get the endings for the trophies. Ethan Mars was a great character and all the things he went through..

Ethan Mars and Jayden were the coolest characters...Jayden had many fights lol and the coolest sunglasses ever lol

PrimordialSoupBase2677d ago

not to mention that his body was burnt, twisted, and maimed in the previous scene.

banjadude2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

@ UbiasedGamer

Yeah... yeah! I AM pretty awesome.

Also, the sunglasses, I make them cool, not the other way around :)

UnbiasedGamer2677d ago

haha didn't know what your on about, until i saw your display pic and and your name looool Yeah you are cool then but don't use it too much or you might lose touch of reality :P and dont use them drugs too much either haha

thespaz2677d ago

Excellent article.

I'm 28 and I can relate to everything they said in the article.

I want more brain-teasers in games instead of just shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.

I used to love the Tomb Raider series because it was more about exploring than fighting. Same thing with Silent Hill. The latest Silent Hill (Homecoming) sucked so bad though.

Maybe I'm a different category gamer. Instead of just shooting my way through a game, I want to explore the environment and find things that are interesting.

Oh yeah, less cut scenes! It seems like every 5 minutes there's a cut scene in today's games. Killzone 3 had a cutscene at basically every check point and it gets annoying.


basically go back to developing games like we got in the late 90s/early 2000s except with HD graphics and MORE not less content than before.

danielle0072677d ago

I agree with mostly everything in this article. Everything but Bayonetta being too sexist that no non-gamer female can understand. I find the game hilarious, and my roommate saw me playing it more than once and she's a complete non-gamer and she also found it hilarious. Bayonetta was never meant to be taken seriously.

But, other than that, yeah. I hate children, I want more exploration in games, and I hate anyone that doesn't let me skip cutscenes since I usually play any game that I love more than once. I don't think they could ever get away with a "M" button that would make the game essentially AO by those standards. Some kid would get through the parental locks and the parents would flip out and it would be over.

f7897902677d ago

If you're going to make a sex scene, make it somewhat appealing. Not the Heavy Rain scene that makes me want to run out of the room.

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