Transformers: Dark of the Moon Preview [Game Revolution]

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon is set to arrive mid-June, a couple weeks before Michael Bay's slo-mo abusing, self-gratifying explosion-fest. Something tells me that for once, the video game will be better." ~Josh Laddin

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LostTokens2462d ago

Because if the world needs something more...

insertcoin2462d ago

Multiplayer is certainly the kicker here. Can transform between beast and vehicle modes in an instant.



If only they made a beast wars game!

Drake_Seraphim2461d ago

Better then the previous Beast Wars that is :)

Drake_Seraphim2462d ago

If they treat it the same as they did War for Cybertron then I'll have to buy it.

xVeZx2462d ago

looks like war for cybertron but id rather wait for war for cybertron 2 than buy this