Sven Reponds to Strong Opinions on SSFIV:AE PC DRM Issues

Christian Svensson (Sven) responded on the Capcom-Unity boards in regards to the strong opinions around SSFIV:AE PC DRM issues.

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hazelamy2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

typical, this is the guy that didn't care about the people who'd bought capcom games but couldn't play them while the psn as down, all he cared about was that capcom weren't making as much money.

and what does he say here?
1: don't bother complaining about gfwl because we won't listen.
2: don't bother suggesting getting rid of the drm because we won't listen to that either, blizzard and valve use it, so we can too, my mummy said so.

to hell with that guy and to hell with capcom.
all capcom games are on my list now.
the list is all the titles i will never buy new, saves me a fortune, but i have to wait longer to play those games, but i can be patient.

riksweeney2608d ago

There's a really easy workaround for this problem:

Buy the PS3 or 360 version.

BeastlyRig2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

but what about experience I hate settling for lower quality. Even if bf3 comes with drm console are not the best way to go.

brish2608d ago

Pirates just get cracked versions of the games without the DRM.

How exactly does putting DRM into games that only affects the people who legally purchased the games prevent piracy?

Dark_king2608d ago

Really I see most get cracked in a day.a few in a hour.It does nothing to stop piracy,but does stop me from buying the games.People who will pirate games will always find a way.Paying customers shouldn't have to suffer because of them.Its not like the developers are actually losing a sell to the pirates they wouldn't buy it anyway.

BeastlyRig2608d ago

Well it seems no one learned from the witcher 2.

user98412882607d ago

That's the problem I have. What games with DRM of some kind haven't been up on torrent sites within a couple of days? If DRM worked it might be worth it but it never seems too.

kagon012607d ago

I even made a video about this BS move Capcom made...