Devil May Cry 4 revisited

Gematsu: "From concept to completion, there are hundreds of games that are drastically changed to alter gameplay elements, characters, plot, and more in its finished product. It is not unheard of for a game to undergo several design changes before settling in with the development team. Seeing a game in its original form can be eye opening and even displeasing, whether you can fantasize about the way a game would have turned out taking the initial design path, or by being unable to imagine how awful you believe the game would have turned out."

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Stunt2642d ago

DMC4 did feel very repetitive.

ThanatosDMC2642d ago

DMC4 such high expectation but damn...

Tony-Red-Grave2642d ago

agreed i spit in the face of people who think DMC4 was cool. it felt like they actually managed to down tone dmc3.

not only that but every dmc was unique if you replay dmc and dmc2 you can tell the difference in gameplay right away and if you try dmc3 you can see how much change take place, or innovation evolution whatever you want to use, but dmc4 just went out and managed to be bland imo the game itself story and gameplay wise disappointed me.

Whitefox7892642d ago

Agree with both of you. Sadly I got this title on launch day....

Wish I knew how Nero was part of the Sparda bloodline...

I also wish it wasn't just an HD revamp of DMC 3. The one thing I did like that would've been awesome in DMC 3 was the Dante portion of DMC 4 where you can swap styles through the D-pad instead of having to switch the style at the beginning of the level. I figure if they make you know a more acceptable DMC game (HIDEKI KAMIYA PLEASE SAVE US!) we could get multiple styles in the game just like DMC 3 but be able to switch them on the fly like DMC 4's Dante portion for sicker combos. I could imagine a sick Doubleganger combo :D.

Wolfmoonstrike2642d ago

I'm not sure if Nero does fit into the Sparda storyline but Tala and me thought that his hand might be Vergil's. We felt the story hinted towards that but who knows.

kanetheking2642d ago

he might be Vergil's son that might be the link.

midgard2272642d ago

wasn't it obvious he nero was vergil son? I mean he could use vergils sword, and well yeah I think nero was cool and the devil bringer was pretty awesome, just wish their wasnt back tracking

ScentlessApprentice72642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Not necessarily a bad game, but still somewhat "meh". I still believe the original DMC is still the best, followed by DMC3.

If DMC would have stayed PS exclusive, it would have most likely been a better product than it was. After all, all the back-tracking and repetitive boss fights in the game was due to having to compress the data to fit within the space limitations of DVD9. I'f I'm not mistaken, someone from directly within Capcom had gone on record stating that.

Tony-Red-Grave2642d ago

if you think about it capcom has a bad record when switching exclusive titles to multiplat.

one example being dino crysis

phoenixdown2642d ago

because it went multiplat.

Inception2642d ago

couple things that i like from DMC 4:
- Nero fighting style was cool enough with demon hand, single handgun, and sword that can burn enemies
- I can see again Trish and Lady with jugling HD tits <3

the rest are meh...imho

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