Obsidian hiring 2D animator for “a highly stylized, high profile role playing game”

Job description reveals Fallout: New Vegas developer is working on a highly stylized, high profile RPG.

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phantomexe2674d ago

chrono trigger O-Snap......errrrr, maybe they wanted to do it.

stealth500k2674d ago

i really highly doubt it.

majiebeast2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

If its chrono trigger then these guys will single handedly ruin it is like giving ninja theory the dmc franchise or giving slant six the resident evil franchise goodjob capcom... Obdisian is a mediocre developer who shouldve gone bankrupt instead of free radical.

If someone should reboot the chrono trigger franchise i want it to be a japanese developer like level 5 dragonquest 8 and 9 is enough to know that the franchise is in good hands with them, and not some mediocre western one who hasnt made a decent non buggy game since they started.

frjoethesecond2674d ago

I agree. Well said. Even with a fantastic franchise and engine in fallout they still managed to fail miserably and make an unimproved tech mess that failed in every way. I'm not a New Vegas fan BTW.

Elven62674d ago

Obsidian did a better job with Fallout than Bethesda did. They added some great things to the game such as hardcore mode, the wheel mechanic, etc. Bethesda's Gamebryo RPG fork is no way a "fantastic engine" considering it can barely run as is.

The only issues Obsidian has are with Q&A which will hopefully be remedied with Dungeon Siege III (if it's not, there is no hope).

Theyellowflash302674d ago

Obsidian........ I really hate you guys. The kings of taking a franchise using the same engine and somehow making the game worse. Kotor 1 ----Kotor 2/ Fallout 3 --- Fallout New Vegas. Then the abomination that is Alpha Protocol. Obsidian for once can you guys make a game that isn't buggy as hell littered with issues and gameplay fails?

majiebeast2674d ago

Yeah thats Obdisian for ya.

Theyellowflash302674d ago

People who disagree please tell me how im wrong?

Elven62674d ago

Kotor 2 was way better than the first game. The game was more mature, had various plot paths and was pretty much a different game everytime you played it. The first Kotor didn't have this depth to it. Also, the game was in an unfinished state because Lucas Arts cut the development schedule by a few months.

New Vegas was superior to Fallout 3, the only issues are really the bugs but Bethesda isn't clean in this case either. It was their tech afterall and their Q&A staff would have been better equipped to deal with it than Obsidian's.

Alpha Protocol isn't really a buggy game, it just has a lot of weird animation/gameplay issues.

Theyellowflash302674d ago

Alpha Protocol is a buggy game. Maybe your experience is different than mine but many people would consider it a buggy game.

As far as Kotor goes thats opinion of which you consider better but if we were to go by metacritic or gamerankings I would have you beat by about 10 percent. And you just admitted the game was in a "unfinished state" so I don't see how it can be better than the finished Kotor 1.

And I couldn't get into New Vegas, I would have the game crash on me multiple times. It was so buggy and glitchy i had to stop playing. plus on a side note F the achievements in New Vegas. Not only that but gamerankings also has Fallout 3 better than new vegas. I know its not the determining factor but it does say a lot. Uncharted 1 isn't rated higher than uncharted 2. A sequel should go above and beyond the previous game and Obsidian never does that. They just add weapons, don't improve the engine, and release the game. And this is the first time btw i have seen or heard anybody defend Alpha Protocol

mobijoker2674d ago

Completely agree bro.Obsidian is much like a contractor developer.They work for almost all publishers and within a small timeframe,they deliver a 80 game which always has something new about it.KOTOR 2 was certainly better than KoTOR but lucas arts ruined it.Fallout 3 was barely a daddy seeking extravaganza whereas New Vegas added depth,complexity and real choices in the story.Alpha Protocol got undoubtedly the best dialogue system and consequence in any game.
Yes! Their games are buggy but somehow they manage you to compel to play the game a few times.I support Obsidian bcoz they never do a copy paste job.I am hoping this game is Wheel of Time which they are rumoured to make.

Tony P2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

For me, Obsidian games are always a breath of fresh air after decades of formulaic RPGs.

I totally agree with mobijoker. Obsidian' games may be flawed on a technical level, but their content is quite excellent. Their writing is more evolved, multifaceted, and flat out better than the companies they've had to follow up. So are their mechanics. I would love to rattle off point by point, but that might as well be an article on its own.

Keep in mind, I say this having suffered some of the same frustration with their games' technical flaws.

Nevertheless, credit where it's due and they deserve every bit of it.

Elven62673d ago

Theyellowflash30: With Kotor 2 Obsidian had much more scale than BioWare did. Despite the incompleteness the amount of depth in the game was great. For example, if you didn't have enough trust with a character you could miss an entire subplot that occurs either on the ship when you return between characters or on planets with certain NPC's. The first game didn't have this kind of depth. The game was also much darker than the predecessor and they got the atmosphere in the galaxy down perfectly, it really felt like a devastating war was fought in the galaxy just years ago.

If you have the PC version there are a few mods that restore most of the cut content that you should check out. Just because a game had cut content doesn't mean it can't be better. I think the issue is also that Obsidian RPG's need multiple playthroughs for one to really understand the scale of things while most Bioware RPG's can be played just once to get a majority of the story. It's something most reviewers obviously don't do so without being able to appreciate such things it could impact their rating.

Reviews are a good point but it's hard to deny that the name of the developer on the box figures into it greatly. There is no way a game like Dragon Age II deserves the 80s it has on Metacritic. There are various European developers who have put out great RPG's like Risen which are fantastic games and pretty true to RPG form yet they don't review as good.

Haven't come across any bugs in my game, only the animation/mechanics things I mentioned above (I don't see how that's defending the game though). It has an interesting story underneath, the usual Obsidian experience I detailed above but that doesn't mean it's the end all be all. I'm also kind of surprised that SEGA basically sat on the game for 6 months without letting anyone work on the game (it obviously would have sold even better had the issues been dealt with).

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Ser2674d ago

..."Numerous Glitches and Bugs Expected"

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