Gladiator Hulk Is Unleashed On Super Hero Squad Online

Superhero Squad online has an all new update that brings with it two new missions and a fan favorite character, Gladiator Hulk! Although Gladiator Hulk was introduced in the Asgard expansion it has just now become a playable character in the Coliseum. The new missions are titled “Freezer Burn!” and “A Thousand Apples A Day”. There is also additional gear that is available for your Headquarters for those itching for some new items. All together this looks like a nice update for players of Super hero Squad Online.

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TheFodi2675d ago

I love the Hulk. He's much more fun as a villain than a hero, but either way HULK SMASH!

flipmop442675d ago

World War Hulk was the best

Laxman2162675d ago

I agree. Never really liked The Hulk, but that game was a bit of mindless fun.

ares21al2675d ago

Anything with the Hulk gets my $$$

Laxman2162675d ago

Hulk is one of my least favourite Marvel characters. But Super Hero Squad is a pretty great game.

Cwalk8162675d ago

This game is getting more interesting the more I hear about it, time to check it out!

Laxman2162673d ago

You'll probably enjoy it if youre into Super Heroes and stuff, its pretty brilliant for fans of Marvel. Definately one of the better games based on this kind of thing.

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