HP and Amazon both join the other retailers with ‘Buy a 'PC, Get an Xbox’

If you’re a student, you now have more choices to find that perfect PC for school while scoring a Xbox 360. Both and Amazon join the other retailers,, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store (online and in-person), who are participating in the “Buy a PC, Get an Xbox” promotion. The PCs that are available vary by retailer so make sure to consult various stores before making your purchase.

This is a US only promotion but word is, offers will be coming to Canada and France soon, so watch for them.

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Bigpappy2642d ago

Nice. My son needs a new laptop, and I can use a slim 360 to replace my old girl.

Crazyglues2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Yeah the problem is all of the laptops are 199 over priced... they have a crap selection, and the ones that are good are 200 over priced...

Meaning your really paying for the xbox 360...

I just recommended that HP envy that they got for 899 to a friend which she bought 4 months ago for 699 when Bj's warehouse was offering the instant rebate..

So now these stores are just selling it for the price without rebate and giving you an xbox, so really your paying for the 360 it's not really free..


awiseman2642d ago

I keep seeing Halo ads on tv, along with these ads. This is probably also a hint at a halo reveal at e3.

rob60212642d ago

A game with the Halo name will be there you can bet on it. The 360 press kit for E3 already has several Halo tie ins.

Kon2642d ago

This video is just awesome lol

Neko_Mega2642d ago

Wasn't this deal started by Microsoft? Anyways I'm happy with my PC and I already got a 360, but I did tell my friend about it and she might do this.

She has a Mac computer and she is sad about not being able to play the PC games she likes.

rob60212642d ago

Seems they're doing what Sony does with selling TVs - since they get profit margins from both they'll add the value to get the one sale.

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