A Look Back: Metroid: Other M (Wii) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Paul McGuire - Metroid: Other M is aptly named so because it is an anomaly in the Metroid series. While most of the games that came before it focused almost exclusively on gameplay, Metroid: Other M is filled with cutscenes to tell the story. Much of this story is focused on developing the backstory for Samus Aran, the main character in the series from the beginning. However, the majority of the cutscenes are long, drawn out and drag on so much that I wished the game let me skip them.

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cali3342608d ago

1st Metroid i didn't like and i played all of them!!

christheredhead2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

it really wasn't "that" bad. the characterization of samus was horrid but the actual game was not. long time fans automatically hated the game due to the way she was portrayed. yet, at its core, it was still an action packed, exploration heavy metroid game that was a blast to play from start to finish.

dmixwell2608d ago

it was bad but it wasnt that bad. every thing that made super metroid a great game was missing in other m. the music was wack, the environments had no life, an 95% of the story showed samus weak side. overall ok game any metroid fan should play but it is not the best entry.

nopunctuation2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You dont even really have to play it to know its bad. How do I know that?

Samus has been turned into a subservient whore who takes orders from a man weaker than herself.

Samus has a panic attack when she sees ridley. She has killed him multiple times.

The writers must have freaking been on drugs.

EDIT:Seriosuly disagree already? How about you watch this video before you phantoms take over.

Like I said before, samus has killed this thing MULTIPLE TIMES in previous games without even flinching. Now all of a sudden she is pissing herself over it and for some reason she is having flashbacks to her child hood when ridley was supposedly terrorizing her? Samus was freaking raised by aliens. SAMUS FEARS NOTHING PERIOD. All of this while some dude is ordering her around the whole damn time even though he is weaker than her and has no right to be ordering her around. Yeah way to be sexist. A woman can do anything without a mans orders? Women cant fight monsters? Seriously what the [email protected]#[email protected]# hell? This game shouldnt have even gotten a single credible review. I dont care if the gameplay has 2d elements. I dont care if the graphics are impossibly good for a wii game. You mess up a classic character that badly and the game will fail.

christheredhead2608d ago

i think you mean that the story is bad. the actual game itself was not. im not the one who hit disagree but overall its still a core metroid game at its roots.

horrible characterization
great game

dmixwell2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

i feel what you are saying and i agree that this games story was crap . but it adds up why she would freak out when she sees Ridley .this takes place right after super metroid and she thought that she blew him half way to hell along with everything else on zebees but there he is ,,,, and that taking orders crap pissed me off so bad hope the dont make the same mistakes on the follow up on the cafe

helghast1022608d ago

Oh shut up and enjoy the VIDEOGAME.
If you put story in the forefront of a METROID game i can't take you seriously at all, quit moaning.

soren2607d ago

u are aware that this game is a priqale to prime right? she was young back then she wasent hardend up yet the game wants u to know samus wasent always the way she is and that guy that she take orders from is like a father to her its not about bein stronger and mess up a char? this is the first time she really ever had any personality? srry i find the story to be very good i played super metroid after i beat metroid other m and let me tell u super metroid felt slow and boreing and with the lack of navagation made it more anoying cus the map litterly look the same when u went to see ware u was

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helghast1022608d ago

The game itself is solid, got my 100% completion and had a lot of fun doing it.
But they molested Samus... :(