Sony Still Unclear On Extent Of Security Breakdown In Latest Letter To Congress

If you're still trying to work out all the details of what happened with the PlayStation Network security breach over the last month or so, you're not alone: Apparently Sony is still piecing things together as well according to a recent update submitted to the House Energy and Commerce Committee's subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade.

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Firstkn1ghT2678d ago

It's pretty amazing that a huge company like Sony is so clueless about all this.

Silly gameAr2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

It's amazing that people don't tire of making the same comments. I'm sure this will take some time to figure out. But, hey if you and your friends think you can sort out 77 million accounts and pinpoint exactly how much of what information was taken, why are you hanging around here for? Get to work!

FailOverHero2678d ago

don't you get tired off always coming to SONY's rescue? My goodness man, when do you get the time to play games?

Silly gameAr2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Coming to Sony's rescue? Well, if you say so. Not sure how my comments are going to rescue Sony. I am sure that they can get themselves out of this mess if they keep doing what they're doing to save face.

My comments are no different from yours or Kn1ghT's coming to criticize with every negative Sony article you see. So I guess it balances out right?

And, how do you know I'm not playing a game right now?


I was wondering where that rapid clicking and nerdy laughter was coming from.

rezzah2678d ago

To answer your question...Failover is hiding in your closet =O

k2d2678d ago

It's pretty amazing that you only have one bubble. Cheers mate.

SoapShoes2678d ago

You forgot to mention the world's top forensic organizations, FBI, etc... Or do you think Sony are investigating all by themselves? hahahaha

subtenko2678d ago

how long does it take them to do this!! >:(

subtenko2678d ago

pretty amazing that the gov and all the agency's havent found out who did it.

MysticStrummer2678d ago

What's really amazing is how we're hearing so much about Sony when this has happened before and continues to happen to other companies and even the government. I got a letter from the State of Texas two days ago telling me a database with personal info was hacked and mine was one of the names in it. That was more critical info than anything Sony had because it included my Social Security number, but I haven't heard a thing about that hack in the news. Meanwhile the Sony Show goes on.

n4gisatroll2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Nah what's amazing is they still don't know who killed biggie or tupac. They are incompetent.

Edit: mystic

I got a letter a few years back from the state of Ohio saying the same thing.

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KonaBro2678d ago

You would think that with all the other gaming news going on right now, people wouldn't still be trying to get hits talking about past events. To make things worse, you have shills like Firstknight and FailOver (who lives up to his name tremendously) who constantly have to make asinine comments. Grow up children.

blackburn102678d ago

Yeah it gets annoying huh? Can't we just move on? I would allow their trolling if they used to be on positive PS3 articles once in a while saying interesting things but they are ALWAYS being negative

cyclonus0072678d ago

The only people who will ever truly know are the people who did it.

subtenko2678d ago

you have 1 disagree, who ever disagreed speak up then and explain why its been a month and they havent found out who did it yet?

EverydayGuy2678d ago

I think it went like this:

Hacker: I'm going to hack the PSN, and not take anything
Sony: Oh no we have been hacked, shut down the servers
Hacker: Eat that Sony, that what you get for trying to mess with us.
Sony: WTF did they take
Sony: WTF did they take
Sony: WTF DID THEY TAKE!!!!!!!
Sony: Kaz Hirai your FIRED!