Sony Debunks PS4 Development Rumors

Sony clarrifies that statements made by company executive vice president and chief financial officer, Masaru Kato, were Next Gen Portable ( NGP) related.

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fluffydelusions2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I'm sure it's under development even if they don't want the general public to know. At least I'd hope so with both MS and Nintendo already working on their next console.

iamnsuperman2552d ago

A while back Sony were saying they were going to ask developers about what they want in the PS4. PS4 would have been on the drawing board for a while now

Abash2552d ago

That doesnt makes sense, the quote says "We dont know when we'll introduce that future platform" and the NGP has already been introduced to the public. So it has to be PS4 related.

Still, I think it's like two years away

BrianG2552d ago

Exactly, I think more or less they are commenting about the name to. People assuming it is the "PS4". Now everyone knows it will more than likely be called the "PS4", but Sony doesn't want to reveal that until they show of the hardware.

Wanna keep us in suspense, as if they are going to release a completely different branded console other than Playstation.

inveni02551d ago

They're definitely ankle deep in the next console. If not, then they're going to be behind. I just hope they release at a low price point so that they don't spend so long playing catch up. It seems like the first couple years of the PS3 had a lot of wasted energy just because the price was so high.

DeadlyFire2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I call BS on this not being PS4 related.

Yes we have NGP. There is also rumor of Playstation Tablet(think iPad + Playstation). As well as Playstation 4. I don't know about you all, but its very likely Sony already has hardware specs ready. A CPU spec is likely already in stone. GPU likely to be PowerVR 6 which is aimed at 2011/2012 release window. So PS4 is more than ready to sport it by 2013.

As far as when depends very much so on Microsoft. Either way its likely to be launched by 2012/2013. If so it would have to show up at E3 the year before. Its the case with every console generation. I am doubtful PS4 will be at E3 2011, but technically it could show up as prototype either way even if coming in 2013 or so. At least to show off what kinda guns they have on the table versus Nintendo and/or Microsoft. Likely no game content, but at least a teaser of power possible.

xtremexx2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

ok, wasnt really getting that excited anyway, we still have many great games this year, not thinking about next year

pedrami912552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Regardless of what Sony says.
It would be silly not to.

Expecting announcement at 2012 and release at early 2013 or mid 2013.

Or they'll do it similar to the NGP, announcement at a Playstation meeting in January 2013 and release late 2013.

But i still believe the PS3 still got a lot to give before throwing in the towel.

fluffydelusions2552d ago

Any system can keep giving and producing great games. It's just a matter of needing to move on due to technical advancements, keeping peoples interest, and competing with other companies.

Jack-H2552d ago

It's seems that every couple days or so I see an article, then, the next day I see another article completely contradicting the last one. Seems pretty dumb to me.

Rybakov2552d ago

wow way to take your statement back really quick denying it now

it would be really cool if like the ps3/psp you could sync the togther but that a docking port on the ps4 for the NGP.....then be able to play you NGP games on the tv....if the NGP has the full power of the ps3 this shouldn't be a problem for them

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The story is too old to be commented.