Why inFamous 2 Is So Damn Appealing

inFamous 2 isn't far off and everyone is excited. But what about this kind of action do so many gamers find so damn addictive?

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VersusEM2389d ago

uh cause it looks BAD-ASS!

Abash2389d ago

Cause inFamous 1 was awesome

Sevir042389d ago

I just finished reading the comic series! I hope they turn it into playable DLC. it bridges the gap perfectly between 1 and 2 and it answers questions about what happened to Moya! :-) hooked and wrapped up in inFAMOUS's universe!

jack_burt0n2389d ago

I heard sasha becomes a love interest!Q!!!!

That spells some good times, she was a great character, best bit of being evil.

gamerdude112389d ago

Did this guy ever announce his "secret PS3 game", or did we just let that one slide?

inFamous was great.

crazy250002389d ago

Infamous one was amazing......definitely makes me want to get the second one :p

Ascalon942389d ago

I'm ready to electrocute assholes on Bourbon street

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