Battlefield 3 - EA PWNED Footage

Are you thirsty for more Battlefield 3 info before E3 hits? It looks like DICE knows about it and has released a new video documenting a lot of things, from developer interviews, a look at the different Battlefield games and most of all, new Battlefield 3 footage!

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aviator1892675d ago

Wow, all of that destruction makes me want this game even more. :)

UnbiasedGamer2675d ago

Wow! The tech is just phenomenon from the animation to the destruction. I don't have a powerful gaming PC but people that do will sure have a absolutely stunning game to behold...How on earth will this look on consoles.....MW3 should of used Frostbite 2.0 engine... :D

turgore2675d ago

the destruction at the end blew me away !

egidem2675d ago

This really makes Modern Warfare 3's scripted destruction events seem...PATHETIC.

DeadlyFire2674d ago

Destruction is only in SP as well. That is typical of FPS. Battlefield 3 = SP and MP destruction.

AKissFromDaddy2675d ago

More motivation to build the Gaming PC :-)

GamerSciz2675d ago

Haha no joke man. I have been saving up in my savings account. My budget is to stick under 2k but it will be a monster of a machine at that. I built my current machine to run Crysis 4 years ago. This new machine will have BF3 as a benchmark but it will not only play BF3 it will handle it with ease I hope. Here's to good optimization on PC graphics EA/DICE!

mrv3212675d ago

This is a next-gen console game. IW are stuck on the same engine and when the next systems launch people will want a benchmark of visuals and this game will be that benchmark.

AKissFromDaddy2675d ago

We have the same goal. This is my list but I can't decide which motherboard to pick from this list:

Crazyglues2675d ago

@ AKissFromDaddy

Indeed player Indeed... I hear that...

Currently building my Gaming PC -:)

-waiting for SSD's to come down a little.


CrimsonEngage2675d ago

Who approved this? Yet another duplicate.

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The story is too old to be commented.