Even more Tomb Raider teasers to be revealed with Facebook Likes

Hot on the announcement of next weeks trailer launch, it has been revealed that even more teasers for the up and coming trailer will be released once the official Tomb Raider page gains enough likes.

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kookie2431d ago

New way to make money ey

TomInc2431d ago

When I looked I realised it was over ten times the current number... highly ambitious. Facebook is a monster for viral campaigning though!

Warprincess1162431d ago

Now i know some of you don't have Facebook but plz create a new account.

rezzah2431d ago

I have one but why do you want ppl to create an account?

Jack-H2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

This site is about as close I'll get to social networking. I don't "like" arm & hammer baking soda. Not that I have some sort of weirdo problem with what other people like. But I digress.
I hope this happens soon because I am REALLY looking forward to new information on this game.


this series of games should be abandoned. ' public opinion' ignored.

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