Gametrailers Top 10 Anticipated Games of E3 2011 HD

The biggest games of the year are almost ready to strut their stuff at E3 2011--we count down the ten most anticipated titles!

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majiebeast2677d ago

Yeah and as we all know that tool has absolutely no taste.

showtimefolks2677d ago

you know its shane's site he does whatever he wants says whatever he wants and if you don't agree with his opnion you are wrong in his mind

invisible walls is aight but EBC is where its at

majiebeast2677d ago

Invisible walls is a joke Shane calls every pc gamer a pirate and if sony announces a great new title it gets bashed to hell. EBC on the other gives a great unbiased opinion on things and whats going on in the industry its the best podcast for gaming.

trounbyfire2677d ago

i love GT because they don't have to put out articles just to say see we are working here(IGN)

TOO PAWNED2677d ago

no, they instead put videos.....

JMyers2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

MW is there? GT sees it as a Trilogy? For it to be a Trilogy there needs to be a story and a campaign. What MW has is poor excuse for any of these.

It should be in the most milked and less innovative franchise.

No Last Guardian?!!

user83971442677d ago

ah I don't think Bioshock Infinite will be as good as the original Bioshock. I'm hoping for a new God of War trailer.

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