Gran Turismo 5 Targets 900 Cars

With the recent news of Top Gear - the BAFTA and Emmy award winning globally praised TV series - forming a partnership with Sony for the upcoming racing simulator, Gran Turismo 5; the official site for Top Gear reveals a few details about the game.

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PirateThom4070d ago

The GTR has been unmasked, you can now play it, unmasked with in car view

wil4hire4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )



I hate you... I am stuck at work.

PirateThom4070d ago

Yeah, all 7 cars are now playable:

Nissan GT-R
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Lexus IS F
Mazda Atenza Sport
Daihatsu OFC-1
BMW 135i Coupe
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Gondee4070d ago

I dought they will reach that any time soon. At 6 months per car..

I think a game like this needs somthing like this though. From what iv hurd you dont tune, or paint(i know theres upgrades, im talkin tie pressure and rebound stifness, ect...). So 900 cars is a nice treet. As long as i dont have to pay extra.

Is there upgrades in Prolog, i havnt had a chance to play it yet.
It'll be nice to see how this comes out.

Skerj4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

The unmasking of the GTR was awesome, trying to talk the missus into getting one :D

Gamespot-equals-EGM4070d ago

2011 is kind of far away. Hey but at least it will have 900 cars.

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Foliage4070d ago

This is a game focussed on cars, not a gimmick.

demolitionX4070d ago

that's 2 much!!! please more dynamic weather (storms, blizzards, ...etc) instead. I don't care about car damage, actually i hate it, maybe allow scrtaches, dents on cars that will be fine.

IdontTakeSides4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I agree that's a ittle bit too much cars ...dynamic weather would be kinda cool...but I dunno if GT is the kinda game for that for the car damages I would love for them to implement that...makes gameplay more interesting...!!

Real gamer 4 life4070d ago

No!! i rather have 900 cars then weather dynamic.

OmegaKulu4070d ago

i do agree that dent and scratch would be nice... crash model... well the whole point of play driving sim is NOT to crash =P

HarryEtTubMan4070d ago

Bcause this is the greatest racing simulation on all time.. I don't think their goal is to have you racr in water... I belive profesionally they wouldn't race it the snow or rain? u know? I think they want it to be reaistic and realistically its not too safe driving that fast in water. You would be simulating slamming into a wall going 160!900 cars will be amazing and there will be plenty of tracks in the final version... u guys know they will take care of this game... I believe the 4th best selling franchise of all time? maybe 3rd Lol.... Going to be amazing!

mesh14070d ago

ill rather have FORZA 2 TBH

sonarus4070d ago

I would rather have 900 cars than dynamic weather but i really really want dynamic weather 2. They better have a minimum of 700 cars on the disc at launch going down from the number of cars in GT4 would be a shame. I really really wanna see car damage and i really really wanna see dynamic weather but i am playing prologue demo now and i gotta say am still loving it withougt all that stuff. Hopefully its in but if its not i'll take my 900 cars with a smile

Cat4070d ago

they won't use the damage stuff b/c manufacturers don't want us to see their cars beat up.

xc7x4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

crash damage is only good if you want to crash or see it. sorry but i'd rather drive than pay attention to crashing. people who want damage need to clearly stay away from this game and go play arcade games.

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ALItheWISE4070d ago

I didnt even know 900 cars

pwnsause4070d ago

well they do exist now, 900 cars to choose from, you want 900 flavors, then gt is there you you to taste them.

skagrerrrr4070d ago

can they be upgraded etc? i hope would be interesting

Hydrollex4070d ago

I have to say they could use blu-ray's power better than this. Why too many cars ? They could make another Grand Theft Auto series by making 900 cars. Don't waste the time, make a big city with 200 cars and motorcyles + somethings from GTA series. Then people would buy it left and right

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