DC Universe Online's Developers Chat About The Upcoming Spring Update

After receiving an invite to participate in a roundtable interview with Mark Anderson (Game Director for DCUO) and Lorin Jameson (Executive Producer for DCUO) MPOGD jumped at the chance since they actively play the game and have been closely following DC comics heavily for around three years now, which has had some major turns such as the return of Swamp Thing, who just so happens to be making his way into the Spring update for the game.

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MysticStrummer2639d ago

I wish they had dropped this game and finished The Agency instead of the other way around.

DirtyLary2639d ago

Bring on Planetside:next!

KiWi17112639d ago

I'm not sure if this update has enough meat to have me comeback to it. I experienced everything the game had to off on the free 30-Day Trial 2~3 months ago.

I feel it still needs a good deal more.

soundslike2639d ago

New Raids? Nope?

New Pvp arenas? Nope?


Its going to be another year before this game starts to amass anything really worthwhile again. What a pity.

undercovrr2638d ago

This game is dead. Too bad it had so much potential. I played it like crazy until the servers became ghost towns.

xTruthx2636d ago

On pc I guess, cus PS3 servers are always in mid lvl traffic. I know cus I play it everyday and now when they merge of the queues for each server, pvp, raids, alerts and legends will queue really fast.