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NiceGuy1922609d ago

me neither, really looking forward to see what blizzard has to offer on the zerg front!

JsonHenry2609d ago

Ten years from now we MIGHT be able to play it!

Neckbear2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I still can't believe they're selling one StarCraft game for the price of three, and people buy 'em without doubt.

Oh, Activision.

k2d2609d ago


I got at least 3 times the amount of value from this one game from blizzard than I usually do from any other game.

captain-obvious2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

the first start craft came with all 3 races campains

yet i dont think Activision got to do anything with it
blizz still control their selves
what i know is they are only partners

any why
i've read somewhere that the reason is it'll take them alot more time and effort to put all 3 races in one game

and they think that they gave an equal amount of missions and content in SC2 wings of liberty to the amount of mission in brood war

but still
i've spent hundreds of hours playing SC2
cant complain
yet it would be nice if it have all 3 races in the same disk

coryok2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

yea but there are really only like 10 missions in SC2, the rest are like filler content, none of them really progress the plot at all, its like "ok now go help the nice dr save someone that you dont care about".

i dont want the main, awesome, plotline to be interrupted by something that i dont care about, it gives the game horrible pacing, im not buying them until the price for each of them is dropped from full price to 1/3rd full price for each game so that i can actually feel like i got what i deserved from my money.

sure they spent time on the missions that they put in as filler, but i dont want filler and im not going to buy filler, i want actual content and thats what ill pay for.

they want to make me pay for something i dont want so that i can get something i do want? well, no thanks, i wont be bullied and have no problem pirating until i feel that they deserve my money

good trailer though

Canucks232609d ago

The SC2 campaign was just as long as SC1, and they've already said that they're most likely going to be charging expansion prices instead of full game prices for these. There are always expansions for their games so really this is nothing new...

captain-obvious2609d ago

as a zerg player ......

CANT FUCKING WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k2d2609d ago

No thoughts about that "everyone" will switch over from terran and toss? Lots of cheapskates?

captain-obvious2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

its rare where you see zerg players shift to other races
and if they did they are most likely bronze noobs that just dont know who to play zerg

but toss players change races like the change clothes
after the last update there is hardly and toss players left

heck i only played vs toss 2 times since the last update
before that there was just ALOT of them

Terran however is somewhere in between

so yah i can see some switches here and there but not Huge ones

and don't forget there is going to be the toss expansion too
voice of the void i think its name ?

led10902609d ago


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