Steam Ubisoft Week Day 5- Brothers in Arms

Today is day 5 of Steams Ubisoft week, bringing us deals in the form of Brothers in Arms with all games including a 70% discount:

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood – £1.50
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – £5.00
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 – £1.50

All Ubisoft games still include a 33% discount this week.

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multipayer2755d ago

Almost didn't make it, well this deal will be good for about another hour...

Solid_Snake-2755d ago

the joys of pc gaming......grabbed em all

humado2755d ago

why are the news about the sale on steam always late? :(

Catatafish2755d ago

Posting news about sales offers is SPAM and should be reported as such...

Come on people.

killershadow1172755d ago

If that is true then why have I seen these steam deals on here for over 2 years and not a single one has been taken down or marked as spam?

joshpoppedyou2755d ago

its hardly spam, its news like any other, its just about prices, at the end of the day i only post it so that gamers can get the best deals on games they may want instead of missing out, not like im makin money off it the website doesnt even have ads or anyhting, we do it on our own accord

Catatafish2755d ago

Read the contributer forum.

To many noobs on this site approving SPAM