DaleAlStick: Nier Review. Don't let your eyes deceive you.

Nier,a game published by Square Enix back in April 2010.
Nier is a very underrated game, bashed at the start because of its visuals, we ended up loving it, find out why.

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just_sayin2609d ago

This game kicked A$$ to me it was a truly underrated gem.

fatleon52609d ago

An overlooked game. Not the best RPG by Square Enix, but a great play anyway and not nearly as bad as people make out. I especially love the music.


good soundtrack,a few gameplay twists,some good boss fights. repetitive,terrible environments,weapon upgrade system is laughable,one button wins all...

coryok2609d ago

at first i didnt think much of nier, but i kept playing and after about 5 hours i couldnt put the game down. by the time i finished the 4th playthrough i was thoroughly amazed at the storytelling, i started caring about the characters without even knowing about it and after i finished the fourth ending i was ready to mark this game as one of my favorites.

its a game that i'll replay years down the road