The many splendid sides of PC gaming

Destructoid writes: On the Internet, people focus on the negative to the detriment of the positive, and nowhere is this evidenced more than among gamers. Just one criticism of a platform or company can be taken as proof that somebody "hates" whatever's been criticized.

I've made my fair share of complaints about PC gaming -- from the hassle it can take to get certain games running, to the long-standing piracy issue, to saying some PC games are simply "alright" instead of saying they're flawlessly brilliant. Usually, I'd call people idiots for only focusing on the positive and accentuating the negative, but to be totally, completely honest ... I have not done the positives justice.

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led10902677d ago

From the guy who gave The witcher 2 a 6.0. But hey am not complaining. That's just his opinion and i respect it. Just throwing in out in the open.

ATiElite2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

yeh he wrote this article as a way to cover his ass or make it seem like he has PC "street cred" but he doesn't.

soon as he started talking about "issues getting some games to run with certain drivers or OS" he lost all respect.

He is right about the online community. every old game that i have fired up in MP mode had a nice community going.