Press Start - APB Reloaded

Remember that game called APB that was around for about three months and then was canceled? Apparently it's back... for free!

Join the GamerGaia team as they wander around and explore the opening 30ish minutes of the game.

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rmoar2336d ago

I was a big fan of APB before it was cancelled. I'm okay with the cancellation knowing that I'll be able to get it for for free now.

Eades2336d ago

It's still not good... Like REALLY not good.

Bad I'd dare say.

flipmop442336d ago

Let's see how long it makes it this time

Kon2336d ago

Not good. Closed beta was a big, unbalanced mess

TheFodi2336d ago

I really wanted to play APB, but I still haven't ever gotten around to it.

spartan_dx2336d ago

I for one am having a blast and come on its free now.

SpLinT2336d ago

if youve played GTA4, youve played a much better game. youre not missing out.

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