TGV Review: L.A. Noire

Derek from The Gaming Vault puts on his fedora, loads his .45, and delves into the deep underbelly of 1940's Los Angeles in L.A. Noire

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RustyMagus2678d ago

A definite get once my summer vacation starts. Screw the sun, I'll be inside gaming!

Herminator2678d ago

I need to play this so hard.

Sidology2678d ago

I can't wait to put my detective skills to the test.

Karuto2677d ago

It's pretty damn amazing. Problem is, nowadays, I can't look at anything without pointing at it first, and holding pieces of paper at their corners.

Pintheshadows2677d ago

I hope you don't lose your keys. You won't get a musical cue when you are near them.


its 9/10 voice acting and facial animation techniques in a 5/10 mini-game collection with a R* on the front...
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