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CheatCC says - E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the video game industry's greatest annual trade show and party. From the time it was founded in 1995 until it reached attendance records of sixty to seventy thousand people in 2005-06, E3 was a relatively public show at which game companies competed heavily with each other for public and press attention. In 2007, E3 was changed into an invitation-only event because its exhibitors complained that competing in the arms race for the best booth was becoming far too expensive. After a few subdued shows, E3 has been returning to its former glory, but remains relatively strict about who is able to attend. Should E3 return to being a public show, or is it better off with a select list of working journalist attendees? Let's look at the pros and cons of the three stages in E3's history.

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MultiConsoleGamer2675d ago

The company behind E3 did experiement with another public show. It was called the E for All Expo. It had great potential but not nearly enough content.