Weekly Rant - Platform Revolution | CheatCC

CheatCC says - The ultimate gaming device has existed for decades. Why doesn't anyone recognize it? It's been dropped right into your lap.

There is absolutely no reason why a laptop can't be used for virtually all gaming applications. Get rid of the PS3s, the Xbox 360s, the handhelds, and the inevitable next-next gen consoles. A laptop is all we need to take care of all of our gaming needs.

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thtruth5742677d ago

Jesus christ. you pc guys wont stop will you. Not everyone want to game on an f'ing pc. sheesh.

kevnb2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Point is, alot of people would love it but wont do it thanks to misinformation. It would also be nice if closed hardware just died, I don't want multiple gaming devices just to be able to play every game I want.