Duracell Extender revealed for Playstation 3

The Duracell Extender, a multifunctional accessory which attaches to the side of the system, has been revealed for the redesigned Playstation 3 slim models.

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Hitman07692430d ago

Personally I'm not big on accessories like this unless they are official. But this could be cool for those who really miss the further features.

The_Devil_Hunter2430d ago

I'm exactly the same, never by unofficial gear bUt this could be my exception.

HappyGaming2429d ago

I would disagree just because I got an unofficial stand with blue LED lights for my phatty PS3 back in 2008 and it has been awesome...

Crazyglues2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

@ Gumtrol

Yeah I got that same one, I love that thing.. its awesome


AngryTypingGuy2429d ago

A lot of times, your cable, satellite, or in my case, Verizon FiOS box will have a USB port in the front. I just plug my PS3 controller in that to charge, no running the PS3 required.

UnbiasedGamer2429d ago

now that is just terrible lol who would buy this crap...sega CD explansion pack haha

_Q_2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

They mean like sega cd in form factor. The expansion is a controller ay that has a sd card slot and 3 more usb slot. Almost making it the same size as a phat. I'd be interested had I not already had a nice pyramid quad dock.

StanSmith2429d ago

This has been available to buy since earlier this year. I should know as i already own one. Its a fantastic piece of kit. It charges and stores my controllers plus it allows me to use my memory cards.

Seriously, this can't have just been revealed when i've owned one for months now!

CynicalVision2430d ago

'similar to the Sega CD expansion for the Sega Genesis.'

Now that's a great way of putting people off. xD

Godmars2902430d ago

I'm missing why a Sega CD reference is being made at all.

It is just a charge/storage box, right?

CynicalVision2430d ago

It looks similar to the Sega CD add-on, an ugly product being forced to fit onto the side of the original console.

fluffydelusions2430d ago

"The Duracell Extender is multifunctional as it offers slots for SD cards and memory sticks as well as three additional USB ports. "

yoge2430d ago

Looks like it would make it over heat but it is cool makes it look huge.

Neko_Mega2430d ago

Hey you got the same picture as me!!!

Anyways this be cool to have, if you have the space for it.

StanSmith2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Doesn't make it overheat at all. I've owned one for months now. Not had a single problem with it.

Also to those who disagreed with drstabwounds. Congrats. He is actually correct. This doesn't need the PS3 to be turned on to charge your pads as it does have it's own power supply!

MultiConsoleGamer2430d ago

Now your PS3 can really look like a coffin!

Kinda reminds me of the controller holder on the Atari 5200

DarkFantasy2429d ago

LOL i didn't notice until i read your comment XD

bwazy2430d ago

Sweet merciful crap, its officially a BBQ.

awiseman2430d ago

Thats what I though to lol. It is useful though if you have the space.

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The story is too old to be commented.