The ten worst Mortal Kombat klones

Destructoid writes: There was once a time when playing Mortal Kombat II at the arcade all day was all I wanted out of a Friday. Whether it was at a crappy pizza joint, a rundown arcade on the seedy side of town, or Chuck E. Cheese, Mortal Kombat II ruled my life in the early '90s.

As time went on, many challengers appeared, attempting to dethrone Midway’s brutal, yet campy, fighter. Clayfighters was an amusing rental, Primal Rage aimed at our obsession with Jurassic Park, and Killer Instinct's graphics were pretty impressive for the time. But then there were … the others.

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CrimsonEngage2490d ago

I actually thought Bio Freaks was an awesome game... :(

darthv722490d ago

as bad of a game, it is actually somewhat of a collectors item.

Lovable2490d ago

LOL Oh damn...Please have mercy on us after witnessing such abomination!

Spitfire_Riggz2490d ago

They make "Hannah" sound like "Katana" hahaha

bacrec12490d ago

I remember thinking to myself how badass the box art for war gods was. Never played it though, and can't say I regret it.

captain-obvious2490d ago

nice pic you got in there
RIP macho man randy savage
one of THE most iconic figures in wrestling

bacrec12490d ago

Thank you sir "Oh yeeeeeeeyaaahh"

Orionsangel2490d ago

MK basically ripped on Pit Fighter using digitized actors.

Stryfeno22490d ago


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