Is Forza Motorsport 4 waving goodbye to Porsche?

DGP: "What’s notable here is the inclusion of RUF, the tuning manufacturer for Porsche that most developers utilise when they aren’t permitted to use the prestigious Porsche license. But we all know who to blame for that *cough* EA *cough.*"

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thebudgetgamer2673d ago

it's just a name.

ruf is a porsche like a shelby is a mustang.

Hanif-8762673d ago

Yup, its just a tuned porsche :-)

teething2672d ago

RUF is recognized as a distinct manufacturer. But like others, I think of them as a heavily tuned Porsche.

Like the author, I was very much concerned that the inclusion of RUF hinted the loss of Porsche. Ruf is great (Think Yellowbird and RGT8), but it is Porsche Motorsport that would be the greatest loss in my mind. No GT3-RSR, no spider, no 962C.

I was a big GT fan, but finally jumped on the Forza 3 ship due to Porsche (my fav make). I just can't get into GT5 without Porsche (and the same old dated RUF's from GT3/4).

Losing Porsche from Forza 4 would be heartbreaking for me. Possibly a deal-breaker unless their RUF offerings are excellent.

Kon2673d ago

No they still have both licences.

ASSASSYN 36o2673d ago

I hated the porches in forza. They handled like shit.

CernaML2673d ago

No kidding. I honestly don't get the appeal for these cars.

StanLee2673d ago

Really? I thought they were some of the better handling RWD cars. They were pretty easy to handle without traction control and stability management.

CrimsonEngage2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

That's why you do a drive train swap and make it AWD.

That's why Forza is one of the best racers out there. Don't like the way a car handles or looks? Then change it so it fit's you.

sikbeta2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Maybe that's the way Porches are? duh, it's not an arcade game where all cars handle the same way, as a driving simulator, it must handle the way the car is in reality :P

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F4sterTh4nFTL2673d ago

They now have RUF also which means other games cannot exploit that RUF loophole like before that is why there were no new RUFs in GT5 because Forza acquired those licenses also.

MintBerryCrunch2673d ago

come again?

RUF's are in GT5...its Porches that are not

F4sterTh4nFTL2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

...since they recycled 800 car models from GT4, do you remember now.

arjman2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Never knew that, cheers. Now that makes me hate Porsche and any other companies for being platform biased, why can't I race new 911's and Cayman's on GT5 :(

mastiffchild2673d ago

To be honest Porsche's ACTUAL cars are a kind of acquired taste in terms of the way they drive(talking about 911s mainly because anything less than a 911 and you're basically admitting you're a Porsche fan but can't afford a proper one)totally because the engine is PLAINLY and over stubbornly in the WRONG place. They've done an incredible job over the years in making it seem less and less of an issue but the fact remains the placement of the engine over the rear axle is, and has always been, holding them back.

The Cayman, were it allowed to be the car it COULD be, would be able to munch the 911s with similar engine beef but Porsche will wilfully nobble it so it doesn't. Remove a diff here and add an electronic there etc. As such there's a romance about Porasche but, seriously, they'd be much better cars if they'd just accept their mistake and move on.

Anyway, old Porsches ALL handled like crap and felt like they were just waiting for you to make a tiny mistake before biting you and sending you, arse first, to your doom. As such I'm never that bothered whether they're in racing games or not. Nice for those who're fans but, for me, there's usually better anyway.

Had a mate nearly kill himself(and he's a great,great driver who used to fund himself in rallying)on the road driving an old 1979 911(forget the model exactly)when we were just behind him. He was only doing about 60 on an A road(decent sized UK road)on a slow left hander and it just went from under him and sent him backwards into the oncoming traffic. He was lucky but that insistence on keeping the motor where it is must have killed a LOT of people and I think it's a bit crappy of them.

arjman2673d ago

Yeah, it seems to be a matter of pride, they don't want to admit they were wrong about the engine and so they keep making a brilliant but flawed car.

Damn!!! That's crazy man! My dad said (used to be a journo for autocar) that driving old Porsche's fast was basically playing russian roulette with your life haha. He crashed a Caterham 7 JPE, I was only a year old I think, luckily my mom told him to wear a helmet! Now he has a metal plate in his arm lol!

arjman2673d ago

Damn looking at that Caterham now I'm surprised it didn't kill him, 0-60 3.5seconds, 250 bhp and it weighed 500kilos :O

arjman2673d ago

What, why the disagree ^ ?

Projekt7tuning2672d ago

For those of you saying Porsche's handling is flawed, or the engine is in the wrong place, or the guy who said they suck. Here's something for you. They are the most winning brand ever made. they have won more GT races than any other car company in the world with the 911, they have also won more 24hr races than any other make with the 911. The 911 is the most versatile race car ever produced. They even won the 2003 Rolex 24hr overall in a GT3-RS. That is a car that is a GT car. It wasn't even supposed to be able to win overall, just its GT class. It beat all the GT2 cars and the Daytona Prototypes. The 911 has even won the Dakar rally with the 959, which is a 911. They held the pikes peak record in a 911 turbo for years. Pretty amazing for a car that doesn't "handle" huh? The most versatile, winning race cars ever produced, the 911 family.

arjman2672d ago

Can someone please give me an ACTUAL reason as to why they disagree...

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crazyturkey2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

If true, is sad for Porsche enthusiasts. Me personally, I don't like Porsche's look, especially the 911 it reminds me of a toad for some reason. The Carrera GT I like though.

n4gisatroll2673d ago

i love the look of the carrera gt. it looks different from all the other porsche's and i think thats why i like it. its also a porsche race car, which is another great reason. but other then that, RUF and porsche isnt what i like.

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