Infinity Ward: No campaign co-op in Modern Warfare 3

Videogamer reports: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will not include campaign co-op, Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter. A report yesterday suggested campaign co-op was to be included, but that has now been debunked.

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egidem2611d ago

Well, some people are going to be pissed for sure.

gamingdroid2611d ago

I can't imagine co-op in CoD be any good, simply because of the way the game is presented.

However, my favorite spec-ops is coming back!

I can't wait for this game, Gears 3 and well Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm!

Unfortunately, I don't have time for anything else right now....

zerox5052610d ago

ewww you actually liked that crap?

gamingdroid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

More people like CoD than most other games with about 20 million or so gamers!

That would probably make whatever you like, probably a "weird" niche to the rest of us....

otherZinc2609d ago

I told everyone it couldn't be co-op & look that good on the PS3. The PS3 will never have a game looking as good as MW & have campaign co-op. RAM is split, cant do it.

On the other hand 360 will have exclusives looking good with 4 player campaign co-op.

Maybe the PS4 can get it right but not this gen.

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STK0262611d ago

Let me guess, there won't be a guest mode either for the multiplayer?

Treyarch's CoDs don't feel as good as IW's ones, but atleast they are packed with some nice features for those of us who want to play some good ol' couch co-op.

NateCole2611d ago

Nothing beats co-op or 2 player play games as they were known back then.

Contra and Double Dragon on NES was so great because of this.

Rybakov2611d ago

oh infinity ward how dose it feel to work for free and once again show that you support terrorism

mrv3212611d ago

Yeah... because... showing acts of terror in a negative manor is supporting.

Damn the History channel the bunch of Nazi's that they are
Seconds from disaster is support plane crashes, the monsets.

I WAS being sarcastic, most intelligent people knew that allready.

Rybakov2611d ago

yeah but there is a difference showing what happened in our history to show what it was like and things that a text book doesn't tell you and saying its perfectly fine to just go into airports and shoot everyone in sight....they could have done something else like you know STOP THEM before the attack

so not doing anything to stop it AND joining in is not a negative manor its a positive one,.....but then idiots like you wouldn't know the difference

mrv3212611d ago

If you actually played that section it wasn't PERFECTLY fine, because of it lot's of VERY VERY bad stuff happend.

If you watch a History channel program on WW2 you'll be more than impressed by German engineering, The Mous.

I'm smart enough to decide what is right or wrong, and the fact a singal scene from 1 video game made you be more pro-terrorist is quite sad. I'd join in IF the out-come was positive, if the universa was going to end, if the terrorist had codes for every nuclear weapon on this planet. This teaches of moralle dilema, doing bad for the great good. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO? Also. YOU NOT ONLY DON'T HAVE TO PLAY THAT SECTION YOU DON'T HAVE TO OPEN FIRE AT ALL.

jessupj2611d ago

@ Rybakov

Well how bout we burn every single movie and game that have shown someone getting murdered. Because if they show it and they don't stop it they obviously support murder. And murder is right up there with terrorism.

And you're the idiot if you think that airport scene was actually painted in a positive light.

Redrum0592611d ago

history channel spread disinformation bullsh*t. so you are both wrong. i bet the history channel will never talk about prescott bush (g.w. bush grandad) being a nazi or the thruth about the freemasons' true agenda with the french revolution or the truth about Adam weishaupt and the formation of "the order of the illuminati" secret society.

using the history channel for sources is equivalent to using vgcharts for gaming numbers

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