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mrmancs2429d ago

realy looking forward to dis , i got my character so powerful in the last one i could walk through walls.. cant wait :)

MrDead2429d ago

I enchanted 5 items with 25% chameleon and was completely invisible

Kee2429d ago

That's what I did in Oblivion!!
I enchanted a robe (25%) and called it the invisibility cloak (From harry potter)

I enchanted boots (25% chameleon) and called them 'camo shoes'.

I then made gloves called 'the difficult to find gloves'.

Then I made an 'invisibility pendant'.

Then I enchanted 2 rings and called one the one ring (from lord of the rings) which I equipped when I didn't want to be seen because you aren't completely invisible until you pass 100% chameleon.

MrDead2429d ago

@Kee I name all my items from the profanisaurus

check it out, you can get fantastic names for characters and items.

aPerson2429d ago

Nothing new here, people.

InfiniteJustice2429d ago

Some of the textures remind me of Betheda's Fallout. Especially that rock. With this new engine it should end up looking considerably better though, or so we should hope lol

miacosa2429d ago

Nothing new waste of bytes.

Mr_cheese2429d ago

Annoys me how when you go on the site and click the screen shot to enlarge, its exactly the same size as the the one you clicked!

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