New Respawn title for EA won’t be announced at E3

Gamersmint writes : Respawn Entertainment, the new studio owned by EA helmed by Ex-Infinity Ward members won’t be showing off their new title at E3 this year, the studio’s just confirmed via a tweet.

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NYC_Gamer2674d ago

they are still building up the studio/hiring talent

Pandamobile2674d ago

Yeah, the studio has only been operational for about a year.

psb2674d ago

am glad they're taking their own sweet time where usually some studios ship games in that much time in today's age.

I hope it's not a rehash of MW though, that would ruin everything.

thrasherv32674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

@psb: Depends on what you would consider a "rehash." Jason West and Vince Zampella(and most of 2015) took what they did with MoH:AA and "finished" it with vCoD. I wouldn't expect it to be innovated in any way, but it will have polish.

Croash2674d ago

I really hope their first game will be outstanding.
At least now they aren't under constant pressure.

MonkJammas2674d ago

Better to see them take their time over it then rush something out. Here's hoping something will be ready to show by next E3 though!

Rybakov2674d ago

hahaha Suck it Activision your douchebaggness and pro terrorism is coming back to bite you in the arse

Ser2674d ago

No rush, I can't wait to see what fruit this deadly alliance bears.

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The story is too old to be commented.