Will Call of Duty Take Down BF3?

With the release of the latest sequels for two of the most lucrative first-person shooter gaming franchises on the later part of this year, consumers, developers and critics alike are pondering on which one will come out triumphant. Will Call of Duty take down BF3?

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jizzyjones2675d ago

MW3 = Better Sales

BF3 = Better Reviews

BF3 all the way for me

thrasherv32675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Looks like. BC2 had better review scores than Broken Ops so I think it's safe to say BF3 will destroy MW3 in that department.

And I think the title is wrong. MW3 comes out before BF3. So the headline should read "Will BF3 Take Down Call of Duty?"
But I guess we have plenty of those around...

@Below: Their fanboys because they like a game better than another? Some people like different games, you shouldn't bash them for liking BF3 and they shouldn't hate you for liking(my guess is) CoD. I like CoD too but I don't go around bashing the BF franchise. I suggest you visit the CoD forums if you want to be "accepted"....

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2675d ago

I will be getting both of these games for sure. Cod knows how to make a Good Story and I love the Multiplayer for battlefield.

Though if i know me i will sell Mw3 when i finish the story. The online is just not for me the reason i like battlefield is just because of that... It's a battlefield and i love this type of game where you have complete control of what to do, want to drive a Car? Go for it? Helicopter? Jet? Want to blow up a building? not thats a battlfield Cod is more of a Arena based shooter.

MaxXAttaxX2675d ago

There have been reviewers finding flaws on BF which were conveniently skipped for COD.

Nevertheless, I BF3 is the more likely candidate to be the better game.

chrisgay2674d ago


I definitely agree that the CoD series has had consistent singleplayer campaigns. I've played a considerable amount of Bad Company multiplayer, though couldn't bring myself to keep playing the dire campaign. So badly written that it hurt, no tact whatsoever.

I'm only going to be picking up BF3- CoD's singleplayer may be good, but will inevitably be short and the game retails for just too much to make it worth it.

Warprincess1162675d ago

There is too many Battlefield fanboys on this site. It just disgusting. COD is using a new engine and i personally from what i seen. It going to blow frostbite away.

Pandamobile2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

COD is not using a new engine. It's still a modified version of the COD4 engine.

Take a look at that trailer. Does that really look like a new engine to you?

Nitrowolf22675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

"COD is using a new engine and i personally from what i seen. It going to blow frostbite away"

you are so lost

Same Engine, slightly modified

Buying both, BF3 new, COD used.
They haven't shown me anything new for COD.

the dev. behind BF3 have been working on the new engine for years. Highly doubt MW3 has a completely different engine, unless it's copy and paste with added things. Especially since what happened last year with them.

soundslike2675d ago

That sounds like something that chick from the Tester 2 who didn't even have a ps3 would say

Wheres big fazeek when you need him

Ser2675d ago

That was one of the funniest comments I've seen from you, Warprincess116. Keep 'em coming.

CoD's "new engine" is going to "blow frostbite away."

I'm in tears over here.

TeaRunner2675d ago

not to say the graphics of any game here looks better, but do you guys really know what an engine is? Does "new engine" always equal better graphics to u guys?

and @jizzjones. Can you predict review scores for Skyrim and Arkham City for me too? great thanks..

BubbleSniper2675d ago

Warprincess116... please give me some of the drugs you are taking that makes crap look like diamonds, cause I want some. BAD!

Nitrowolf22675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )


No it's not just graphics

It's true that COD could be using a new engine, but typically your gonna see graphical improvement, not the exact same thing the last one produced. it's upgraded/modified. Normally New engine means improvement of things just overall, meaning more things can be done at a smoother and much better looking then previously used engines.

It could mean a lot of things. In this case it's not a new engine for the game to run on other platforms, and obviously the rendering system or 3D graphics proportion of the engine haven't been much updated.

I don't see why a dev would create a new engine only to come up with literally the same graphics, which is why many are saying it's the same engine. Think about it, if your a dev and want to make a new engine, wouldn't you just want to make sure everything is high up? Saves much more money doing that then doing it again later in the future. At least i would assume it would.

Plus saying COD engine is gonna blow frostbite latest, thats something to laugh about.

evrfighter12675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

lol come on fellas

warprincess knows damn well cod isn't using a new engine.

you guys just got trolled

but princess knows cod's demise is coming so trollings just about all the cod kids have left

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SicK_Scope2675d ago

I think both games will be about the same. And MW3 will be using new engines with dedicated servers.

Nitrowolf22675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Where are people getting new engine from?
It's the same engine just with more modifaction.
and this
"We haven't gone into detail on the engine yet but we've moved beyond the MW2 engine and added a lot of cool stuff for"

that prob. just means that they added more tweaks and such to justify that the engine are not the same build. MW2 is not the same as MW1 engine, it's more upgraded. MW3 engine will be no difference.

Sabian1872675d ago

I don't get where they think Battlefield 3 has a new from scratch engine.
It has a "new" engine(Frostbite 2) which is technically just an updated code version of Frostbite 1.5 which was an updated code version of Frostbite 1.
It added the 3 to the end of battlefield so I guess thats something more it changed.

ooooh the innovation.

MmaFan-Qc2675d ago

MW3 will have more sales.... but BF3 will obviously be a better game.

pixelsword2675d ago

Well, MW3 has green in their logos, so they automatically win.

Crazyglues2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Yeah sadly as far as sales, the Call Of Duty franchise is like a freight train.. -and any little car (any other Video Game) that gets in the way is going to get smashed..

The pre-orders are already showing that... -But as far as what will be the better game...

Hands Down BF3 will eat MW3 alive... no Question about that.. The new Frostbite 2 engine is doing some amazing things.. DICE has really done their homework this time around..

They also stepped up graphics and gameplay all running on a new engine, not something MW3 can say..


ape0072675d ago

both of games gonna be awesome, I love both but I like CoD better

I just cannot wait for both of these games to join my xbox 360 lineup of games :D

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cyborg2675d ago

in terms of sales it'll.

But in terms of quality


MrGunny942675d ago


MW3= Sales sales meh meh.... recyled engine...waaaay to much effects to be a wanna be BF... and ofc same bullshit gameplay


fixed for ya

SicK_Scope2675d ago

There is a new engine for mw3 confirmed by robert bowling aka fourzerotwo

fourzerotwo Robert Bowling
@Sebianoti We haven't gone into detail on the engine yet but we've moved beyond the MW2 engine and added a lot of cool stuff for #MW3.

Pandamobile2675d ago

That's not a confirmation of a new engine, by any stretch. What it means is they've moved past what they had in MW2, and added a few new features and tweaks and stuff.

I'm sure if they actually had a new engine, he would have said something along the lines of "We have a totally new engine that we've made from scratch".

If you're expecting a brand new engine for MW3, prepare for disappointment.

evrfighter12675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

ever hear of the term "Bowling for Bullshit"

been in the urban dictionary for years. This guy will lie through his teeth or stretch it the size of yankee stadium to sell cod.

directed at sick_scope btw

Nitrowolf22675d ago

You really believe this is a new engine?
not even close, it's the same exact one that they have been using for years, except this time it's getting more modifications.

He didn't confirm a new engine, and plus it's pretty easy to tell that they are indeed on the same engine.

Soldierone2675d ago

"Modified beyond the MW2" MODIFIED. Why are people assuming this means new engine? Look at the trailer...its not NEW at all.

I'm not bashing COD, Im looking forward to it, but to say its using an entirely new engine...give me a break.

phantomexe2675d ago

You win my friend....give this man a bubble.

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