Robin Williams’ daughter worked on “super secret Nintendo shoot” earlier this week

Robin Williams' daughter, named after Princess Zelda, revealed she worked on a "super secret Nintendo shoot" earlier this week.

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Rybakov2642d ago

more like we wanna see....she freakin hot

HolyOrangeCows2642d ago

Well, isn't her name Zelda?

Shok2642d ago

Probably one of those hand models for the controller lol

zgoldenlionz2642d ago

Robin Williams has just got a lot cooler.

Kakkoii2642d ago

Back in 1989, when he named his daughter "Zelda".

OhMyGandhi2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

how much more cool can you get?

kesvalk2642d ago

only if he had another daughter and named her samus...

mastershredder2642d ago

This deserves a "yeah, and?".

hatchimatchi2641d ago

yeah and, his daughter is named zelda. He named her after princess zelda because he is a huge fan of the first game. It probably has something to do with zelda info being at e3.


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