Call of Duty has become the X Factor of the Gaming World

TGR weight up Call of Duty against the X Factor and make the suggestion that the two are worryingly similar.

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dangert122339d ago

funny i dislike both cod n x factor lol

sammykiernan2339d ago

Maybe the article is accurate then ;)

DeadlyFire2338d ago

Infinity Ward less CoD is scary. MW3 is gonna be so so because of this shake up I believe.

Kris2k02339d ago

I'd love to shoot Dermot O'Leary in a COD game...

BigDan802339d ago

now that's an idea I'd vote for. where are activision when you need them?

DA-ReSISTANCE2338d ago

Might ring 'em and suggest it! lol

DA-ReSISTANCE2338d ago

Think this is bout right, does anybody really think MW3 will be any different??

KingZFlipper2338d ago

As we say in finland: "A dear child has many names"