Modern Warfare 3 :"lt's not just about London or Manhattan"

On Monday the 23rd Push-Start was lucky enough to attend a Pre-E3 event for Modern Warfare 3. Push-Start headed in with expecting low expectations as the bar was set so high in Modern Warfare 2 and Push-start couldn’t think how they could improve an already polished title.

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godslayer4292676d ago

your right...its about our money right?

blumatt2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

No, it's about glitches, unbalanced guns, crappy maps, the same antiquated graphics engine, noobish perks (infrared scope, cammando, etc.), stackable killstreaks, and overpriced dlc. lol But, the sad part is, I'll probably end up still getting it to play with friends on PSN. haha

But you can be your A$$ I won't be buying any dlc for it. I haven't bought dlc for a CoD game since CoD4, and even then I didn't care for the maps in CoD4's map pack. Well, I liked Killhouse, but that was it.

IGAMEHARD2676d ago

its all about competition... gaming = competition

Shmotz2676d ago

I'm excited to see what the ycan do with the concept of another World War with todays technology.

outwar60102676d ago

yh its about a short campaign multiplayer and extortionately priced dlc which includes 2 old maps and 2 new

hiredhelp2676d ago

Well for me i started to beleave maybe they would use a new engine finally after all these years,
Now lets get something right. When you play any SP call of duty game the graphical side of it isnt too bad quite good. But when you play the MP its awfull i know games get a liitle downgrade but the online was always to me very bad.

So i say skip showing us the sp get to showing us what cod fans get to play the most on MP,

ok im gonna be more for battlefield but thats cos more my style of game. But reading this below i got bad feeling the mp may not be as good as id expect visually,

Will Modern Warfare 3 have a complete new engine compared to Modern Warfare 2?

Robert: (It won’t  be a complete new engine)but it’s an improved one that will continue to keep the competitive solid 60FPS in the campaign and multiplayer.

How long have Infinity Ward, Activision and Sledgehammer been working on Modern Warfare 3 for?
Robert: A solid 2 years. Thats not long..

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