What to Expect from Sony at E3: New Games

In this second article on what to expect from Sony at E3, PS3Center looks at all the possible new game announcements, and why we're guaranteed to get at least 4.

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lalalala2552d ago

I hope we see GTA5 exclusive for PS3, that would be awesome.

TOO PAWNED2552d ago

Stupid article, Bungie game lol. For one Bungie said that they won't have anything to show at E3. Nr.2 you have to be brain dead not to notice two patterns on that site and those 5 games. All of them are Sony published exclusives. And all of them are getting released this year.
Sony will show more then 4 games, but those 4 games on that site will be games for this fall. Like Sorcery for example could be one of them.
If it was Starhawk and TLG they would already there there, those are announced, but those are for 2012.
See makes sense, just use head.

thebudgetgamer2552d ago

i wondert how people would react if bungie shows up at the sony press conferrence.

what i really want though is some agent news.

Tony-Red-Grave2552d ago

the fact theres a GOW pic leads me to believe their going to mention GOW4, which in all honesty the PS3 DOESNT need infact the GOW franchise should be left alone.

but yeah bungie at sonys E3 would be some huge dodo not to mention sony still has an unannounced 6exclusive.

as for gta5 exclusive i doubt that simply because it would have to sell twice as much to make up for the lack of profit vs having it multiplat.

BLAKHOODe2552d ago

If Sony doesn't have the PS Store up by E3.. I doubt anybody will really care what they have to say.

MoreRPG2552d ago

NEW RPGs for god sake im getting tired of shooters

majiebeast2552d ago

The project called adrift from that new studio is a rpg.

Pintheshadows2552d ago

I want a new Studio Liverpool game. Anew Wipeout is due.

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