Think Twice Before Throwing That Hadoken

Dual Pixels - What's a better way to remind us of how dangerous Vega's most powerful attack can be besides it being uses against his foes? After hearing Double J's (JJ) epic 2011 Vega theme, I see narcissists everywhere rallying behind Vega with these lyrics at EVO 2011 for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

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FanOfGaming2613d ago

The lyrics were pretty dope, I'd kick Vega's ass with Ibuki tho :) lol

Trackboss2613d ago

Charge back hit the wall, then I bloody high claw!!!!!!!

Warprincess1162613d ago

lol people still use the word "dope". WOW.

Kon2613d ago

shut up for god's sake. I can't stand you anymore. Sorry, i had to say this. Now i'm feeling so much better.

starcb262613d ago

I usually disagree with kon, but not this time.

On topic: I'm a cheat, cheater move repeater when it comes to the hadoken.

fei-hung2613d ago

still prefer the metal version to ryu's theme song :)

DragonKnight2613d ago

Fei Long's theme is still better.

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