Second Opinion Review: Brink

Gamer's Guide to, Friday 27th May 2011: Now that Brink has had a few weeks for its online community to get acclimated, how does it fare compared to when it first launched? Linford Butler takes a second look at one of the most ambitious multiplayer games to come out this year.

GGTL: "When it comes down to it, however, Brink exhibits many key technical issues which show less than the highest level of polish. Those looking for a deep storyline or developed narrative won't find a home here, and whilst the art style is original, texture popping and other such graphical issues can often prove irritating, entirely ruining player immersion in whichever cut-scene they're watching. The gun roster is relatively widely spread, but the effort spent on it would have been better employed in ensuring the damage was balanced between player and enemy. The S.M.A.R.T. system is an intelligent idea but, sadly, underdeveloped and largely sidelined. Brink, online, can be intelligent and rewa...

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bluegreenman2674d ago

got every achievement, and havent played it since. It needs a stats page in game. There is no motivation now. everything is unlocked, and I have 100% complete. Im waiting for the free DLC