Minecraft Beta 1.6, Sky Dimensions for the Future

Save and Quit talks new Minecraft update as well as a future sky dimension to be announced.

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Alos882486d ago

Anyone else want to make Bioshock Infinite's Columbia?

bozebo2486d ago

Sky dimensions? That's the only kind of map my minecraft has been generating since 1.6 :(

Then after about 20 minutes I get teleported to what seems like "deep underground" and can see the inside of caves, I can't move anywhere or edit any blocks either - restart the game and it's back to "normal" again.

GrumpyVeteran2486d ago

I thought this was released w/ 1.6?

Jack-Pyro2485d ago

Someones going to make The City in the Clouds....that person is going to be me.